10" Pooh
My very first pooh.
Disney Store
12" 80th Anniversary Pooh
Disney Store 2006

10" Magnetic Pooh
Disney Store
(Talks when you press his stomach or remove the butterfly and bee)

9" Baby Pooh Hand Puppet
Hong Kong

10" Baby Pooh Plush
Disney Store
2" Fashion Corduroy Pooh
Disney Store
13" Soft 'N Silly Pooh
Fisher Price
6" Teethe N' Squeeze Pooh
Fisher Price

6" Butter Eeyore, Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger
7" Bean Bag Pooh
Heartland Tomy

11" My Baby Pooh
2003 Fisher Price
Makes cooing sounds when you press his stomach. Makes sucking and burping sound when the pacifier is pressed up to the mouth.
8" Magnetic Bashful Pooh
His paws and cheeks contain magents.

10" Sweet as Spring Plush Pillow Pooh
7" Springtime Pooh
Disney Store
7" Baby Pooh Bean Bag

8" Sega Pooh
Japan 2003
8" Collectible Plush-Pooh
Fisher Price
11" Pooh's legs kick up and down while 1 of 12 melodies is playing
Tomy Pooh
Hong Kong
5" Sweet to go Pooh and Eeyore
1.5" Characters and 2" Hunny Pot

14" Eeyore
Disney Store
10" Eeyore
6" Classic Eeyore
8"Musketer Bean Bag Eeyore
Disney Store
10" Piglet
11" Rabbit
10" Owl
Disney Store
8" Gopher
Disney Store
24" Christopher Robins (RARE)
8" Tigger
8" Mouseketoys Bean Bag Tigger
Disney Store

11" Kanga/Roo Teapot, 10" Roo Snowman, 9" Roo
Disney Store
6" Mini Bean Bag Back to School Roo
This is a Winnie the Pooh made out of Lego. My boyfriend created this himself. He bought three boxes of Assorted Lego pieces and created it using only the yellow, red, orange, and black pieces.

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